Dr.Kamil Pietrasik
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Enhancement of the greater pudendal labia by fat grafting is one of the procedures recently introduced to aesthetic surgery of female genital organs. It is designed for woman who seek aesthetic improvement in perineal area and may be combined with other procedures such us vaginoplasty and lesser pudendal labia plasty.

Fat is liposuctioned from typical donor areas (i.e. lower abdomen, thighs, back). After sterile processing, it is injected to greater pudendal labia. The procedure increases their volume and improves skin quality.

Greater pudendal labia enhancement is performed in general anesthesia or local anesthesia with analgosedation.
Patient may go home 3-6 h after the surgery.

Patient should refrain from sexual activities for 6 weeks.

Compression garment must be weared for 4 weeks.

Return to normal activity takes 2-7 days.

Obtained results are good although not permanent. Due to partial (30-40%) absorption of transferred fat, additional procedure may be required after 6 months. Fat grafting to greater pudendal labia rejuvenates them but doesn't stop natural aging process. Weight changes and hormones may influence initially obtained good aesthetic result.

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