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Nose is the most prominent aesthetic area of the face. This fact and its complex anatomy makes rhinoplasty one of the most challenging procedures in aesthetic plastic surgery.

After detailed examination of the patient and cephalometric analysis of pictures, Dr Pietrasik proposes method selected individually for every patient as there are not two the same noses.

The goal of the operation is aesthetic and functional improvement of the nose.

Rhinoplasty is most frequently performed due to deviation of the nose, dorsal hump, disfigurement of the tip or collapsed ala. Surgery of the nose may involve its cartilaginous, bony components as well as nasal septum. During consultation Dr Pietrasik will ask you about part/s of your nose that bother you most. He will evaluate realistically your concerns and present possible plan of their improvements. Depending on magnitude of disfigurement and accompanying procedures, Dr Pietrasik may perform rhinoplasty in open or closed mode. Both methods have "pros and cons" and are not alternative to each other.
Rhinoplasty is performed in general anesthesia.

Depending on employed technique, skin incision are located inside the nose (close approach) or on nasal columella (open approach). In both cases, resulting scars are hardly perceptible after normal healing is complete.

Patient after rhinoplasty may be discharged home 6h after the surgery is complete or remain overnight in the facility.
Nose packing is removed after 2 days.

Skin sutures and plaster cast are removed one week after the surgery.

Recovery period depends on extend of rhinoplasty and accompanying procedures. Return to normal activity is usually possible after 2 weeks. Final aesthetic result is evaluated after 6-12  months and is related to specificity of healing process of the nose. Within this period nose should be protected from any possible trauma.

This short information doesn’t replace medical consultation in the office.

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