Dr.Kamil Pietrasik
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Neck lift corrects signs of aging in this frequently exposed part of a body by resection of excessive skin and suspension of remaining one.

When indicated excessive muscle and fat may be also addressed to obtain most satisfactory result. Liposuction only may be an option for neck rejuvenation in individuals with good skin elasticity.

Neck lift is frequently combined with facelift, providing complex and harmonic rejuvenation of both areas.
The surgery is performed in general or local anesthesia with sedation.

Skin incisions are placed behind ears and when indicated also in submental area.

Patients after local anesthesia with sedation may go home 3 hours after the surgery. When general anesthesia is employed overnight stay in the facility is required.

Recovery period depends on extend of the surgery and accompanying procedures. Patients after neck lift only may return to normal activity 2-3 weeks after the surgery. Final aesthetic result is obtained in 4-6 months and depends on normal healing process. Significant weight changes may influence final aesthetic result. Although neck lift rejuvenates operated area by 10-15 years it doesn’t stop natural aging process.

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