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Cubital canal syndrome is caused by ulnar nerve compression at the level of elbow by hypertrophied fibrous tissues or other anatomical variations.

It manifests as a pain to palpation in medial elbow area, numbness and tingling in Vth finger. In more advanced stages, sever pain may disturb sleeping and atrophy of intrinsic muscles of the hand, impairs its normal function. Characteristic history of symptoms and physical examination are frequently sufficient to diagnose this pathology. Sometimes X-ray, ultrasonography (USG), electromyography (EMG) or magnetic resonance (MR) studies are required to confirm initial diagnosis.

Decompression of ulnar nerve in elbow area is performed in local anesthesia or regional block.

Skin incision (8 cm) is located on medial aspect of the elbow.

Soft tissues are transected and ulnar nerve is released from compression. Although local elbow pain should improve significantly after the surgery it may take several months for entire nerve to regenerate and neurological symptoms to subside. In some cases ulnar nerve is transpositioned anteriorly in subcutaneous tunnel to prevent recurrence of the symptoms in future.

In postoperative period hand must be kept in elevation till wound heals completely and edema resolves. Hand movements are early encouraged.

Skin sutures are removed 10-14 days after the surgery.  Hand therapy should be implemented from post-op day 1 and continued for 2-4 weeks.

Return to normal activity involving operated extremity is possible 4 weeks after the surgery.

Although, obtained results are very good and long-lasting, symptoms rarely reoccur.

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