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Fat grafting is currently regarded as the best method of volume enhancement and rejuvenation of various areas of the body.

Low volumes are transferred to face to correct wrinkles and creases (i.e. nasolabial crease, "tear trough") or augment lips and zygomatic areas. Larger volumes are successfully used in augmentations of breast, buttock, legs and female genital organs.
Smaller volumes may be transferred in local anesthesia meanwhile larger ones (>1000 cc) require general anesthesia.

In first stage fat tissue is harvested by liposuction from donor areas (i.e. lower abdomen, thighs, back). After sterile processing it is injected subcutaneously to corrected area.

Depending on  transferred volume and type of anesthesia, patient may go home after 3h or stay in facility overnight.

In early postoperative period cooling compresses are applied to prevent edema and improve healing.

Compression garment must be worn for 6-8 weeks in augmented areas excluding face.

Recovery period depends on corrected area and volume of transferred fat. It is usually 7-14 days·on the face and 2-3 weeks in other locations .

Due to partial (30-40%) absorption of transferred fat, final result is evaluated after 6 months. Additional volumes may be required at this time to achieve best aesthetic result.

Although fat grafting and transferred stem cells in particular, rejuvenate skin and improve aesthetically corrected areas it doesn't stop natural aging processes. Thus, obtained results are long-lasting but not permanent. Additionally, weight changes and hormones may influence effect of this therapy.

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