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Mastopexy with augmentation is a combination of two procedures in one surgery.

This operation regarded as one of the most challenging in aesthetic breast surgery is dedicated to females with small and sagging breast. It is frequently performed in young mothers after breast feeding period or females after signifficant weight reduction with moderate skin elasticity. During one surgery following are addressed:

  • elevation of nipple-areola complex
  • change of breast shape by rearrangement of its own tissues
  • volume enhancement by implant insertion or fat grafting
  • improvement of breast feel.

In some patients one-stage mastopexy with augmentation bears high risk of complications. In these individuals two-stage approach with 6 months interval significantly reduces such a risk.

Mastopexy with augmentation is performed in general anesthesia.

Skin incisions depend on selected technique and may be placed in periareolar area, lower half of the breast and submammary area. Although resulting scars are permanent they became hardly perceptible after normal healing is complete.

Patients after this type of surgery stay overnight in the facility.

Return to normal (non-strenuous) activity takes 10-14 days. Sport activities (i.e. jogging, fitness) may be resumed after 3 months. In post operative period compression (sport type) bra must be used for 3 months.

Although results of mastopexy with augmentation are seen immediately after the surgery breast shape will improve gradually within 6-12 months. Obtained result is long-lasting but not permanent. Surgery doesn't stop natural aging processes. Weight changes, pregnancies and hormones can change result of the surgery.

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