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Upper eyelid ptosis correction restores their natural position and shape.
The result can be obtained by resection of skin excess from upper eyelid and/or manipulations on levator muscle apparatus. Both techniques aim at restoration of more natural appearance of upper eyelids and elimination of "tired eyes" look.

In significantly advanced cases of eyelid ptosis, surgery may be functionally indicated. Reposition of dropped eyelid to its natural anatomic position improves vision by extension of visual field.

Dr Pietrasik after careful patient's examination, will select most accurate method to obtain best functional result. In some case, upper eyelid ptosis correction may be combined with blepharoplasty to improve aesthetic result of upper eyelid area.

The surgery is performed in local anesthesia with anlgosedation.

Skin incisions are placed within upper eyelid physiologic creases thus resulting scars are imperceptible after healing is complete.

Patient may go home 3h after the surgery.

Fine skin stitches are removed on post-op day 7. Return to normal activity may be resumed in 1-2 weeks.

Although result of ptosis correction are seen almost immediately after the surgery it may take 6-8 weeks for final effect to be obtained. This is related to normal physiology of healing wound in this area. Ptosis correction has generally good and long lasting result although reoccurrences are rarely observed.

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